It Would Be Beneficial for the Nation to Be a Colorblind Society

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There seems to be unrest in this country about a word called racism. What happened in Minnesota many days ago was a police officer using excessive force to arrest an American citizen causing that American’s death. The fact that it took much too long to charge this officer sparked outrage for most Americans, some of whom took to the streets to demonstrate their displeasure and outrage at this injustice.

Other Americans, or should we say criminals, used their fellow citizens’ justifiable anger as an excuse to do harm to their fellow countrymen and local establishments. Make no mistake about it, these are the racists in our country. They come in many colors and professions; their intent is to divide, steal and do harm to our local laws and the law enforcement establishment with whom many have been at war with for a long time.

So the question is do you want to live in a place that glorifies doing harm to other Americans or do you want to stand up and say no to this criminal element in our country?

All life is sacred, and when you assign a color to it the unintended result is dividing Americans by race. It is sometimes strange what you think about when you hear certain things. For me it was a photo I once saw of a flag-draped coffin being carried off a plane at Dover Air Force Base. The caption simply read “This is an American serviceman.”

If you think about it, that is a very colorblind statement and something we all as Americans should be promoting in our country.

Al Avitabile

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