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Prices apply to advertising insertions into one of Examiner Media’s four newspapers. The Examiner which serves central Westchester, The White Plains Examiner which covers White Plains and the surrounding area, The Northern Westchester Examiner in northern Westchester or The Putnam Examiner, a countywide publication. To run your ad in two newspapers, receive 10 percent off. Receive 15 percent off for ads that run in all three editions and 20 percent off if running in all four newspapers.

Total circulation for Examiner Media’s four newspapers is 25,000, broken down as follows: The Examiner: 6,500; The White Plains Examiner: 5,000; The Northern Westchester Examiner: 7,500; The Putnam Examiner: 6,000.

Who are our readers? How do they respond to your ad?

“Examiner Media reaches out to readers who are committed to their community, eager to shop locally and support businesses advertising in their local newspaper. This very desirable customer is targeted in some of the most affluent communities.”

A scientific study of Examiner readers provides the answers to those questions and more! (PDF)

The Examiner News – Media Kit (PDF)

Discount rates

Printable Ad Rates for newspaper, website and eBlast
Visual representation of newspaper ad sizes

Advertisement SizeFull Price4-7 week run
5% discount price/week
8-15 week run
10% discount price/week
16+week run
15% discount price/week
1/16 Page Black & White (2.2969"w x 2.8"h)$55.00$52.25$49.50$46.75
1/16 Page Color (2.2969"w x 2.8"h)$110.00$104.50$99.00$93.50
1/8 Page Black & White (4.7813"w x 2.8"h)$110.00$104.50$99.00$93.50
1/8 Page Color (4.7813"w x 2.8"h)$220.00$209.00$198.00$187.00
1/4 Page Black & White (4.7813"w x 5.8"h)$220.00$209.00$198.00$187.00
1/4 Page Color (4.7813"w x 5.8"h)$330.00$313.50$297.00$280.50
1/2 Page Black & White (9.75"w x 5.8"h)$330.00$313.50$297.00$280.50
1/2 Page Color (9.75"w x 5.8"h)$440.00$418.00$396.00$374.00
Full Page Black & White (9.75"w x 11.82"h)$550.00$522.50$495.00$467.50
Inside Full Page Color (9.75"w x 11.82"h)$660.00$627.00$594.00$561.00
Centerfold 2-Page Color (20.5"w x 11.82"h)$1,320.00$1,254.00$1,188.00$1,122.00
Back Page
(9.75"h x 11.82"w)
Front page banner (9.75"w x 2"h)$450.00$427.50$405.50$382.50
Back page banner (9.75"w x 2"h)$350.00$332.50$315.00$297.50
1/2 Page B&W (9.75"w x 5.8"h)$500$475.00$450.00$425.00
1/2 Page Color (9.75"w x 5.8"h)$600$570.00$540.00$510.00
Full Page B&W
(9.75"w x 11.82"h)
Full Page Color
(9.75"w x 11.82"h)


¥ Additional Premium Position Ad Placement $100 • ¥ Pricing for Net Amount


$35 for up to 35 words, $1 for each additional word.
Classified ad deadline is the Thursday prior to the Tuesday publication date.


Ads: Submit as high-res PDF files or JPEG files, at 300 DPI.

Color Ads: Save color images in CMYK format. No matched Pantone colors.

Proofs: Please supply a color proof for all four- color ads, or a laser print for black-and-white ads. If no proof is provided, the printer will print color according to SWOP color densities.

Please note that ad space must be reserved by Friday at 5 p.m. to run in the following Tuesday’s paper. In certain situations, such as for time-sensitive ads, customers who submit their material on the weekends, or Mondays at the latest, can be accommodated. Production staff members will attempt to run the ad in the next day’s paper.

Checks should be made payable to Examiner Media LLC and sent to PO Box 611, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549. Advertisers will be mailed an invoice upon ad approval. To submit your own ad according to our specs, or provide material for an Examiner designer to create an ad for you, e-mail: To discuss advertising with an Examiner advertising representative, call 914-864-0878.


“Consumers also consider local newspaper Web sites to be the most trusted source of online advertising, because the advertising on these sites is perceived to be more current, credible, and relevant to them.” Read more here.

To learn more about our print and digital advertising options call 914-864-0878 or e-mail:

Ask your account representative about our special social media promotion offerings.

For a printable PDF, click here.

Web FormatSizeNon-Print AdvertiserWith Print Package
Leaderboard 728 x 90 px$200 a week$175 a week
Large button ad 300 x 250 px$50 a week$25 a week
Medium Banner 614 x 90 px$100 a week$75 a week
Small Button 146 px x 90 px$25 a week$10 a week
Digital AdvertorialFull Web Page$250 a week$150 a week

An e-mail newsletter from Examiner Media sent to subscribers carrying the latest local news and other headlines distributed via the MailChimp platform.

TypeSizeNon-Print AdvertiserWith a Print Package
Large Banner564 x 200 px$200 a week$150 a week
Banner564 x 90 px$100 a week$75 a week
Button264 x 90 px $50 a week$25 a week

In terms of email advertising options, we also have Examiner+, our digital newsmagazine for Westchester, Putnam and the broader Hudson Valley. Published on the Substack platform, in Examiner+ we go deeper on issues and take a broader, more regional approach to our news coverage than we do in our print newspapers or on our traditional news website. The digital magazine also chronicles the lighter side of local life with our variety of lifestyle sections. Click here to review Examiner+ sponsorship opportunities.

Examiner Media, a group of four independent weekly newspapers, has successfully proven since its birth that print newspapers remain not just viable, but also an unmatched outlet for readers to learn about local news and for advertisers to reach targeted markets.

No other medium delivers the loyal, local and repeat audience provided by community newspapers. Community newspaper readers buy locally and are interested in local advertising. They look for restaurant ads and coupons. They buy appliances, electronics and furniture locally. They look for sales and specials at local stores. They bank locally, visit local shopping centers, and purchase cell phones and sporting goods locally. They also shop locally for groceries more than once per week.

Community newspaper readers are most interested in local news, the kind of local news available only in community newspapers. These readers are interested in local schools, local sports, local crime and safety information, neighborhood events and local business news. Examiner Media fills this need in your community.

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