Lakeland and Yorktown Science Research Students Recognized

Students from Lakeland High School

Four science research students from Lakeland and Yorktown high schools were recently recognized for their work in a water conservation project that took between six months and a year to complete.

With guidance and support from Yorktown Councilman Vishnu Patel, Sabrina Chen and Anthony Passafiume from Lakeland and Maya Kafinthoril and Adarsh Nair from Yorktown jointly conducted the study that involved the Westchester Joint Water Works and Yorktown Water Department. Part of their research discovered haloacetic acid levels higher than regulatory levels at the Yorktown Water Department this past year.

Students from Yorktown High School

They concluded conserving water and relieving the pressure on water treatment and processing systems is the best way to ensure clean, affordable and sufficient water for users. All the students received $1,500 from Patel.


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