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Zeldin Will Stop the Crime Wave Sweeping New York

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New York voters need to come out in record numbers this November and help put a stop to the record crime rates sweeping the state. It is too hard to pretend you don’t see, or perhaps have experienced, the level of lawlessness sweeping the country. Woke movements such as “Defund the Police” and bail reform, both of which are supported by many of the Democrats who currently hold office in New York State, have proven to be a disaster. 

Cities and states across the country are waking up and realizing these movements were a mistake and need to be reevaluated. Now is time for New York to wake up and vote for Lee Zeldin as our next governor. Zeldin will put a stop to the defund the police movement in New York and reverse the bail reform policies that have allowed dangerous felons to continue prowling the streets for their next victim.

Vote Lee Zeldin and end the lawless era sweeping New York.

Eric Andreoli


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