Too Many Warning Signs to Back Longobucco of PV Town Justice

Why is Pat Longobucco is running for Putnam Valley town justice? He is not qualified to judge us. He’s had IRS liens brought against him for not paying his income taxes. He had a default judgment brought against him by Bank of America for unpaid credit card debt. He’s switched his party affiliation several times.

Apparently, he’s lived in Putnam Valley for seven years as a registered Democrat but never voted. He switched to the Republican Party just before running for town judge – the behavior of an opportunist. He raises money on his website but has not registered a committee with the state Board of Elections as the law requires. When he receives donations, he sends a personal thank you letter, which is against the rules for judicial candidates. Campaign ethics rules specify that judicial candidates are to be kept unknowing and separate from their contributors. 

Longobucco is apparently very sloppy and undisciplined – a little bit of a mess. His campaign signs say that he IS Putnam Valley town justice. His sign should say “Elect” “For Town Justice.” He’s NOT the town justice.

This lack of precision and sloppiness reminds me of Pig-Pen from the Peanuts comic strip. I don’t want a mess sitting on the bench in Putnam Valley Town Court. So I’m going to vote for Terry Raskyn – someone who’s experienced, mature, neat, tidy and precise.

Karen Freede
Putnam Valley


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