Raskyn is the Only Choice for Town Justice in Putnam Valley

I recommend our community to vote Terry Raskyn for town justice in Putnam Valley on Election Day. Terry is an experienced attorney with experience in many areas of the law, but most importantly, she has shown a caring and respectful attitude toward our town and her neighbors.

There is a sharp contrast between Terry and her opponent. Please investigate!

Terry is widely endorsed, by Supervisor Sam Oliverio, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the AFL-CIO and others.

Terry doesn’t change parties. 

Terry votes. 

Terry has no debts or liens to her name. 

Terry is constantly involved in town activities.

Terry holds leadership roles with the Westchester Bar Association, COVID Task Force, the state Bar Association and the Elder Abuse Committee.

Terry is a trained mediator, specializing in guardianship law.

Vote Terry Raskyn for a quality Town Court!

Ralph Smith
Putnam Valley