New ShopRite Approved at Diamond Properties Complex in Mount Kisco

The Mount Kisco Planning Board last week approved a new 85,000-square-foot ShopRite supermarket for the Diamond Properties complex at 333 N. Bedford Rd. along with other improvements to the 38-acre site.

After more than three years of review, which also required a zoning text amendment from the Village Board and approvals from the Bedford Planning Board because more than six acres extends over the town line, planners unanimously granted site plan approval and steep slopes, change of use and special use permits.

Construction of the supermarket, near the north end of the property, is the centerpiece of the project but there will also be a 3,800-square foot expansion to Grand Prix New York to increase its floorspace to 121,913 square feet.

Other changes include an increase in parking spaces from 802 to 873, a 318-square-foot fieldhouse to be built at the northeast corner of the soccer field to provide equipment storage, public restrooms and vending machines and a variety of landscaping, drainage and lighting improvements.

ShopRite will relocate from 747 Bedford Rd. in Bedford Hills once the new supermarket space is ready to be occupied.

Stephen Spina of John Meyer Consulting, the project engineer for applicant Diamond Properties, said he expects construction of the supermarket to begin within the next 10 months and last up to two years.

“We’re really excited about it,” developer Jim Diamond said after the approval. “We think you guys will be proud of the project when it’s done and it’s going to be a real positive for the property and the whole village.”

The complicated application required coordination with the Town of Bedford, nine zoning variances and a commitment to have the southern driveway entrance for the sprawling complex known as The Park align with Park Drive (also referred to as Ice House Road) and the northern entrance align with Foxwood Circle. There will be traffic signals installed at those intersections.

Also required are various modifications to be made at two adjoining properties that Diamond owns or leases at 309 and 383 N. Bedford Rd.

About one-third of an acre of the property will transfer from 309 to 333 N. Bedford Rd. A 4,688-square-foot portion at the south end of the existing building and the parking lot in front of the building will be demolished to align the driveway with Park Drive across North Bedford Road.

At 383 N. Bedford Rd., the northern portion of the structure will be demolished to align The Park’s northern driveway with Foxwood Circle. The existing building is 7,893 square feet. A replacement retail building will be 5,528 square feet and have 31 parking spaces, 13 more than before.

The southward relocation of the driveway also moves it completely into Mount Kisco’s jurisdiction.

There is a list of 45 conditions in the resolution, including installation of the traffic signals on North Bedford Road and Park Drive and Foxwood Circle. Another requires that ShopRite employees park in the most remote and underutilized portions of the lot and the supermarket’s staff must direct parking once 90 percent of the spaces are filled.

Peak hours are expected to be later Friday afternoon and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Planning Board Chairman Douglas Hertz said he was satisfied with the work that the village did over the past three years to devise a workable plan.

“I’m proud and I’m hopeful this is going to be a superb development and I think your guys have done yeoman’s work to get us here,” Hertz told Diamond after the vote was taken.

Diamond had sought other uses for the complex after a series of businesses departed leaving multiple vacancies.