New Castle Supervisor Ivy Pool to Resign From Office in June

New Castle Supervisory Ivy Pool
New Castle Supervisor Ivy Pool announced Tuesday night that she will be stepping down from her office next month.

New Castle Supervisor Ivy Pool announced Tuesday night that she will resign from her post effective June 15 before she and her family relocate this summer to Chicago.

Pool read a statement during the Town Board meeting, explaining her decision and thanking the residents for their understanding. She said that she and her husband, Christian, will miss the community where they have lived for the past 11 years.

“Earlier this year I announced that I would not be seeking re-election. While I am sad to be leaving office before the end of my term, it is time for me to put my family first and to do what is best for us,” Pool said. “I appreciate the community’s understanding, and I know that you will give us grace as we take this important step toward healing.”

Elected to the Town Board in 2017, Pool ran successfully for supervisor two years later. However, two months into her supervisor’s term, her 11-year-old son died in an upstate hiking accident.

She said that councilman and Deputy Supervisor Jeremy Saland will assume the supervisor’s duties once she leaves office next month. It was not immediately known whether there would be an appointment to have a fifth board member for the rest of the year or whether the board would operate with four members and await the results of this year’s election.

Pool assured residents that the town will be in good hands with a highly capable board and Town Hall staff.

“As deputy supervisor, Jeremy has gone above and beyond – taking on additional responsibilities that go well beyond those usually assigned to a Deputy,” Pool said. “Town Administrator Jill Shapiro is a dynamo, a pro, and the hardest working leader I know – we are fortunate to have her running the Town. We have a thoughtful, capable Town Board, and the support of Town Hall staff who have continually impressed me with their diligence, kindness, and professionalism.”

Saland said Pool’s leadership, vision and professionalism has helped make New Castle a stronger, a more vibrant and more welcoming and inclusive community.

“You are a remarkable woman. You have showed each one of us what it means to lead by example and also personify courage and compassion,” Saland said. “I am personally grateful to have worked with you on behalf of our shared home, but even more importantly, and selfishly so, I am thankful for our friendship that will always extend far beyond elected office and our municipal borders.”

Councilwoman Lisa Katz also wished Pool well in her comments.

“It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you on the Town Board and to get to know you personally over the last number of years, and I just wish you and your family happiness and health and healing and we will definitely miss you,” Katz said.

Shapiro said that Pool exemplified “grace under pressure.”

“You’ve taught me a tremendous amount – patience and restraint, to name two,” she said. “We’re going to miss you, but I’m excited for you guys and I’m excited for the new chapter and I’m tremendously hopeful for the future. I see great things going forward.”