Letter to the Editor: White Plains Deserves Something Special Instead of a Concrete Desert

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There is a blight in our wonderful city. Sears is gone. Macy’s is gone. Those spectacular July4th fireworks shows and the New Year’s Eve ball drop – they’ve gone too. What’s left is a massive, concrete desert.

So here’s an idea. Why not create a vibrant green space in the area that is now the sad, customer-less Galleria mall. Let’s bring the community together by building a unique park that can become a destination here in the center of Westchester.

How about a beautiful carousel, an ice-skating rink in winter, a playground, a dog park, a community garden, benches and trees? During the Christmas season there could be pop-up shops as well.

There are so many possibilities!

Battery Park in Manhattan has created something out of nothing. I’ve watched it grow and flourish over the decades. Brookfield Mall seems to be well-versed in creating spaces that people enjoy and ultimately, they shop there as well.

Bryant Park was transformed from a resting place for the homeless into a vibrant destination for city dwellers and tourists alike.

I don’t know the logistics, but I do know there are talented city planners who could design such a destination for the people who live and work here. I feel certain that there are many wealthy citizens in White Plains who would love to contribute to the establishment of such a fine park – maybe even a place to engrave their name on a bench or a carousel.

This park can become a magnet, attracting new people to our city to shop, to dine and to find a desirable place to call home.

Sandy Mayo
White Plains


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