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Zero-Carbon House is the Goal

The Examiner’s Michael Gold interviewed Bill Gerosa of Pleasantville, who is on a mission to create a zero-carbon household by employing innovative technologies like geothermal heating and solar panels.

With a background in economics and a history of entrepreneurship, Gerosa’s commitment to environmental sustainability is driving him to invest in alternative energies and sustainable farming projects.

He also built a bicycle stand that generates electricity, called “Pedal-A-Watt.”

He took a bike, put a generator on a bike stand and produced electricity from pumping on the pedals.

Gerosa and his daughters build the bike stands themselves in their house when they get an order. They sold almost 50 bike stands in 2022.

“The environment is the most important thing we have,” Gerosa told Michael. “We’re going to have more storms that are worse. The data is the data. We know that these things are changing.”

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Daughter of Slain Father in Patterson Raising Money for Final Expenses

Dorianne Cherry, the daughter of James C. Cherry, Jr., who was allegedly murdered by his son, James C. Cherry, III, is seeking support for her father’s final expenses.

With more than $11,000 already raised on a GoFundMe account from around 100 donors as of publication time, Dorianne remembers her father as her hero and lovingly describes the positive impact he had on her life.

Funeral services for James C. Cherry, Jr. will be held on Tuesday, September 19th.

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UFO/UAP Update

James Fox, a documentary filmmaker I interviewed this summer for reporting about UFOs/UAP, did a fantastic job yesterday at a NASA press conference.

NASA has just released an unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) independent study report, and James wanted to push officials on a lot of their hedging and carefully parsed statements.

He addressed his questions to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

“How can we make the determination of what something isn’t when we don’t know what it is?” Fox asked. “And B, after a careful review of the data, if it’s determined that some — underline the word ‘some’ ten times — UFOs or UAP originate from a non-human intelligence — what’s the plan to disclose that to the public?”

Nelson replied that while the NASA independent study team did not “find any evidence that UAP have an extraterrestrial origin,” researchers also “don’t know what these UAP are.”

Fox asked if there’s a plan to share information with the public, “if it is determined that some of them represent or originate from a non-human intelligence.”

“You bet your boots we will say that,” the NASA administrator replied. “And I’ve tried to set the table for you by telling you what I personally believe — in a universe that is so vast, could there be a replication of life on Earth elsewhere in another solar system that is so big? Of course I believe that.”

NASA also announced that Mark McInerney, who was previously NASA’s liaison to the Defense Department, will become the research director for on the phenomena, serving as a communicator between federal agencies.

U.S. intelligence officer David Grusch testified under oath this summer about a government UFO recovery program and extraterrestrial craft.

Stone’s Throw

As for next week’s Stone’s Throw, my column will be ready for online publication by Monday, as per usual, and delves into a different subject that pushes the boundaries of established science.

Be on the lookout for that one.

It’s also last call on this week’s Stone’s Throw piece, headlined “COVID-19 Billing Discrepancies Draw CareMount/Optum Under AG’s Microscope.” 

Have a great weekend.


Adam Stone, Publisher

Today in History: On September 15, 2008, the Lehman Brothers investment bank filed for bankruptcy, helping to trigger the global financial crisis.

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