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Business Profile: Principled Chiropractic, Cortlandt

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Dr. Seth GrossDr. Seth Gross wants to dispel misinformation some people have about his profession.

“Chiropractic is not a form of medicine,” he said last week in his Cortlandt office. “It has nothing to do with medicine whatsoever, but you’ll hear the term chiropractic medicine. There really is no such term. That’s more or less a medical derived term that suits medicine when they introduce or discuss a health care profession.”

Although chiropractic is not medicine, it does not mean it is extremely valuable, Gross said. “It’s an entirely opposite way to address a person’s health,” he said.

Gross is a chiropractor who operates Principled Chiropractic in offices in Cortlandt, Dover Plains and. Millerton.

He explained why he chose Principled Chiropractic as the name of his offices. “A principled chiropractic doctor is one that adheres to and also provides the basic fundamental analysis and application of chiropractic technique to a person,” Gross said.

Gross, who lives in Millbrook, said he chose to open an office in Cortlandt because it is close to Putnam Valley, where he was born and raised. He discussed in detail how chiropractic works.

“You address a person’s health by utilizing their own body’s innate, inherent abilities to heal,” he said. “If you cut your finger you presume it’s going to heal. Those same powers that cause that healing are universal for every part of the body for any situation.”

“The nervous system which runs inside our spine and also outside the spine, there’s two different parts of the nervous system, control everything, every cell in our body,” Gross continued. “Chiropractic is interested in that relationship, to have the nervous system to be free to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing – to help the body function, whereas medicine works from the outside in.”
Medicine uses such instruments as medications and surgeries to deal with health problems, Gross said. “Whereas in chiropractic our interest is in making sure that he nervous system is free to send its signals to the cells of the body. Chiropractic has nothing to do with back aches or back pain.”

Gross said chiropractors have the same classes and textbooks that are part of medical training, but those seeking to be chiropractors have to take a core curriculum that is 500 hours longer than medical doctor trainees take. “We don’t focus on outside intervention like needles, knives (and) pills,” he said.
He said he performs spinal adjustments so “the joints of the spine are put back into place.”

Gross has treated patients of a variety of concerns, including headaches. He also cured six-year-old Cortlandt resident Emma Haass of chronic tonsillitis, high fevers and fatigue which antibiotics could not cure for a year in 2012. “It wasn’t resolving the underlying problem,” Gross said. “You can have fever, you can have infection from nervous system irritation.”

Gross was able to end Haass’ suffering. “I simply slid her first vertebra, which contains the brain stem,” Gross said. After he slid the vertebra back into place, Haass began to feel better within a few days.

Manipulating the spine is not generally painful, Gross said.  “Generally the medical profession accepts chiropractic, but doesn’t want to acknowledge it,” Gross said. “They don’t want to actually allow it to become mainstream because then it would impact them and their livelihood.”

Despite the medical profession not wanting chiropractic to become mainstream, Gross said he has successfully treated doctors, dentists, nurses, and physicians’ assistants. He said his profession stresses preventative health care.

“In chiropractic we love to see people who are actually feeling good so that we can help maintain that,” he said, adding he regularly receives chiropractic treatments to maintain good health.

To contact Principled Chiropractic, call (914) 737-7333 or send an e-mail to Gross’ Cortlandt office is located at 3901 Crompond Rd.

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