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J-n-S Car Wash, Hawthorne

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After closing his family’s Mount Vernon-based auto repair shop and gas station after 40 years in business, John Repetti didn’t anticipate starting a new venture.

But not being one to stay idle for long, Repetti and his wife, Susan, found a car wash for sale in Hawthorne that piqued their interest. Now eight months into its operation, J-n-S Car Wash is thriving.

The popular J-n-S Car Wash in Hawthorne, which draws customers from throughout the region.
The popular J-n-S Car Wash in Hawthorne, which draws customers from throughout the region.

Repetti’s wash technicians, who all worked for the former owner, have helped give the business its stellar reputation. Repetti said many J-n-S customers know the dedicated crew by name and travel for miles to have their cars washed at the Broadway establishment.

When Repetti, a Yonkers resident, took over the business, it was in disrepair. Renovations were made to the interior of the building, including the installation of a new bathroom for customers and a newly designed walkway to keep them warm during the winter. Repetti also replaced much of the car wash equipment.

To ensure customers’ cars receive a high-quality wash during every visit, Repetti installed new wheel and rim cleaners and side brushes made of foam to prevent scratching and circling, swirl marks created from the brushes rubbing up against the care while it is being washed.

Even though the car wash tunnel is short – about 52 feet compared to 90 to 120 feet for an average facility – Repetti explained that cars moving along the conveyor still get cleaned more effectively than if they went through a longer building.

Much of the improved service, Repetti said, is due to the state-of-the-art equipment and the new chemicals being used, including a solution that Repetti said has a lot more “washing power.”

J-n-S offers a number of car wash options – the single, double, triple and home run services and an a la carte add-on menu, which includes Carnauba wax, triple wax, speed glaze sealer, tire shine and Fresh Scent wafers.

The monthly wash membership has proved to be particularly popular. Customers can pay $20 a month for an express exterior car wash; $30 a month for a full-service car wash, which includes vacuuming, window cleaning and a doorframe and dashboard wipe along with the exterior wash; or $40 a month for the exterior wash that is accompanied by vacuuming, mat cleaning, window cleaning, a doorframe and dashboard wipe, speed glaze sealer, triple wax and a tire shine.

“If the customer is not 100 percent satisfied, neither am I,” said the affable Repetti, the father of two grown children. His daughter Danielle works with him in the business.

A special bar-coded sticker, which is placed on the windshield of each car, is used to track the number of times a car is washed. Repetti said the monthly discount can only be used on one car per family, but is good for up to 30 washes a month. He plans to offer car detailing, an ultra-cleaning service, next year.

“This is a nice business to own,” said Repetti, who is on the premises most of the time, eager to be of assistance to customers and to become acquainted with his clientele.

“I see people coming back time and time again and many of them with higher-end cars,” he added. That speaks to the quality of the service that J-n-S Car Wash is now offering, Repetti said.

J-n-S Car Wash is located at 148 Broadway in Hawthorne, next door to the Mobil gas station. It is open 365 days a year. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless it is raining heavily or snowing.








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