Yorktown Suspends Rent for Community Center Tenants

The Yorktown Town Board unanimously agreed Tuesday night to suspend rent payments for tenants of the Albert A. Capellini Community and Cultural Center while the facility is closed due to coronavirus pandemic.

The affected tenants are the Westchester Ballet Center, Bright Beginnings, WestCOP Head Start and Yorktown Stage.

“We cherish our community partners and value the services they provide our residents,” said Supervisor Matt Slater. “Tuesday night’s vote was a helping hand we are extending to our partners during this crisis.”

Collectively, the community center’s tenants pay about $20,000 a month in rent. The community center has been closed since mid-March when pandemic closures took effect. A reopening date for the community center is undetermined.

“The Yorktown Stage has experienced significant loss in revenue due to the coronavirus and is so thankful to the Town of Yorktown for recognizing the situation and forgiving our rent,” said Barry Liebman, producing director of Yorktown Stage. “This is a perfect example of good government helping those in a time of need and we anxiously await resuming business and providing great entertainment for Yorktown residents.”

Town Board members said the action taken was necessary.

“We can’t in good conscience expect the center’s tenants to continue paying rent when they are facing so many challenges caused by the pandemic,” said Councilman Tom Diana.

“The community center’s tenants deliver vital services to our residents. By suspending their rent payments, we are increasing the likelihood that they will be able to reopen and serve our neighbors once again,” said Councilman Ed Lachterman.

Added Councilman Vishnu Patel, “We are in the same boat and together we will come out stronger together.”