Yorktown Doubles Littering Fines to Curb Discarded Masks and Gloves

Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater signed an executive order Monday doubling the fines for littering in response to an increase in discarded face masks and latex gloves in public areas.

The current fine of $500 for an initial violation will be doubled to $1,000 for the first violation for anyone caught discarding face masks and gloves in public spaces.

“We’ve been imploring people not to litter, and the littering has continued,” Slater remarked. “It’s about social responsibility. It’s not like their throwing out candy wrappers. They’re throwing out medical waste—used rubber gloves and face masks that could potentially be contaminated with coronavirus.”

Many of the discarded masks and gloves have been appearing in the parking lots of local shopping centers and the town’s enforcement efforts will focus on those locations.