Yorktown Approves Food Truck Pilot Program

The Yorktown Town Board has passed a resolution to begin a pilot program with Best Food Trucks that will allow residents to use an app or website to find food trucks and place orders.

Best Food Trucks is the nation’s largest food truck booking and ordering platform and the Yorktown pilot is the company’s first initiative in Westchester County.

“This program will allow the town to book food trucks at parks when we have big events planned,” said Supervisor Matt Slater. “Residents will enjoy the convenience of having snacks or quick meals at our parks, while at the same time generating some revenue for the town.”

Town officials will decide where and when the food trucks will operate. The food truck operators pay Best Food Trucks a participation fee, which will be shared with the town 50/50. The participating food trucks will be operators from Westchester and Putnam counties.

Food trucks already operate in Yorktown. The Jefferson Valley Mall’s parking lot hosts several food trucks, including Put Some Meat On Your Bones.

“This pilot program is not meant to detract from the variety of food establishments currently available in Yorktown; but to add more options to the community’s menu,” said Councilwoman Alice Roker.

Food truck locations that town officials are considering include Front Street, Sparkle Lake and Railroad Park. Best Foods Trucks will prepare a roster of cuisines that will be scheduled at the Yorktown sites and the roster will be changed based on public feedback through the company’s app.

“We see how well they do. We see the reviews,” Matt Geller of Best Food Trucks told the Town Board. “It usually takes about two or three weeks. If people aren’t doing a good job, we don’t send them.”