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White Plains Teachers’ Association Signs Four-Year Agreement

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The White Plains Teachers’ Association (WPTA) and White Plains City School District have concluded this year’s bargaining session with a new four-year successor agreement. 

Some highlights within the agreement include a two percent increase on the salary schedule every year for four years, no increase to employees’ health premium and a pilot of paid planning time for elementary instructors. Additionally, there have been some shifts in language from the previous 2019-2022 agreement.

“We’re really pleased to have concluded this negotiation session with a successor agreement that we believe is not only sustainable and fiscally responsible but also speaks to the respect so well-deserved by our professional staff,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Ricca said.

Kara McCormick-Lyons, President of the WPTA, said that in a time of economic uncertainty, having a health premium that will remain at 15 percent and not increase over any of the four years is significant. 

“That’s something we feel really good about,” McCormick-Lyons said. 

McCormick-Lyons also commended the paid planning time included for elementary school teachers.

“We all work hard, but they work hard in a different way,” McCormick-Lyons said. “It was really nice to recognize and provide that planning time for them.”

Ricca and McCormick-Lyons said the negotiation process was highly collaborative. 

“If there’s something that needs to get done, we come to the table and have conversations collaboratively to work on shifts that work for everyone so we can serve the kids in White Plains,” McCormick-Lyons said. 

Both highlighted that the working conditions for teachers and administrators are the instructional conditions for students. 

“When we’re supporting the folks in the classrooms, we are ensuring that we’re going the very best to create an outstanding educational experience for our kids,” Ricca said. “We work hard collaboratively to maintain that, so this agreement continues to speak to those goals.”

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Kara and her team,” Ricca added.

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