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White Plains Teachers, Administrators Awarded Tenure

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WPCSD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ricca

Many dedicated teachers and administrators in the White Plains City School District (WPCSD) were awarded tenure at the May 23 Special Board of Education Meeting.

“In White Plains, we have an extraordinarily rigorous process to ensure the faculty members and the administrators who are in line and about to receive tenure are absolutely the highest quality teachers or administrators,” WPCSD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Ricca said. “The vetting process is extensive, and I’d like to thank you all for sticking it out and putting all your effort into your profession.”

Ricca commended the teachers and administrators who have shined throughout their time with the district, particularly throughout the pandemic, which resulted in some of the most challenging times educators have experienced.

While other employees could pack up their laptops and office equipment at the start of lockdown and work from their dining room table with relative ease, Ricca stressed that teachers didn’t have a playbook.

“How do you interact with six-year-olds virtually? How do you engage teenagers virtually? How do you ensure that your children have books and food and clothes? How do you make sure that first responders have childcare?” Ricca said. “All these things these folks had to figure out, and you did it.”

“For those of you who were just getting into education at the time that the pandemic broke, you probably had some of the best trial by fire — or trial by pathogen — that you could ask for,” Ricca added.

Ricca highlighted that while district parents and family members of teachers and administrators being honored at the meeting work in different professions from doctors and lawyers to engineers and astronauts, they all share a commonality.

“Every one of us needed excellent teachers to do what we do [today],” Ricca said. “Whether you’re teaching colors or teaching calculus, every single interaction with a child from the time that they’re three to the time that they’re 18 is all in preparation for whatever they aspire to be.”

“That’s why I think education is the best, most rewarding profession because every single day you get to help other people,” Ricca added. “It’s a beautiful profession, and you should feel extraordinarily proud to be part of it.”

White Plains Teachers Association President Kara McCormick-Lyons congratulated all individuals receiving tenure for their incredible accomplishments, especially working throughout the pandemic.

“Your journey has been insane. It’s been huge, so take this moment to soak it all in and think about what you have accomplished over this time,” McCormick-Lyons said.


Teachers awarded tenure were:

Kerry Salvatierra (Church Street, Reading)

Mariela Ugarte Ramirez (Church Street, Elementary Education)

Laura Flore Gomez (George Washington, Psychology)

Stephanie Tock (George Washington, Special Education)

Stefanie Ladden (Mamaroneck Avenue, Speech)

Monica Arismendez (Post Road, Elementary Education)

Rachel Burstein (Post Road, Music, effective 11/21/22)

Erin DiMartino (Post Road, Elementary Education)

Gayane Hamparsoumian (Post Road, Elementary Education)

Claudia O’Riley (Post Road, Elementary Education)

Lauren Wendorf (Post Road, Elementary Education)

Nicole Sciortino (Ridgeway, Elementary Education)

Kristie Trageser (Ridgeway, Special Education)

Gina Cardillo (Middle School Highlands, Special Education, effective 11/19/22)

Paul Harrison (Middle School Highlands, Mathematics)

Alyssa Phelan (Middle School Highlands, Special Education)

Lisa Sohr (Middle School Highlands, Mathematics)

Zachary Trynkely (Middle School Highlands, Science)

Amy Estersohn (High School, English)

Emily Falber (High School, Guidance)

Brittany Feeney (High School, Special Education)

Sarah Jabbour (High School, English)

Ashley LeBlanc (High School, LOTE, effective 11/16/22)

Llesh Miraj (High School, Mathematics)

Marcos Monteagudo (High School, Guidance)

Melissa Mullin (High School, Art)

Omar Sharif (High School, Science)

Sarah Tom (High School, Special Education)

Caridad Guerrero (Rochambeau, Mathematics)

Jennifer Pyne (Districtwide, Music)


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