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Upper Classmen Welcome Incoming Freshmen at Carmel High

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Incoming freshmen from the Class of 2027 at Carmel High School received a warm welcome last week from upper classmen during orientation.

About 211 junior and senior mentors were on hand Aug. 29 to show approximately 400 freshmen the ropes, leading them around the high school hallways to find their classes and introduce them to many clubs and activities that are offered.

Adam Boehein, a Carmel High School senior, was one of the mentors who stood in front of the bleachers  to greet the ninth graders.

“This is a fun day,” said Boehein. “Having someone show you the way makes you feel that you belong. It can be scary for the underclassmen to come to a new building. I remember when I was a freshman it was all pretty confusing.”

In the winter, Joanne Morgan, Carmel High School’s Student Mentor Advisor, sent out a questionnaire asking the future freshman about their likes and hobbies. Over the summer, she aimed to pair the freshman with mentors who share similar interests, so the new students feel connected to the school community right from the start.

“It works well because it’s not random; we want there to be a connection,” said Morgan, who is also an English teacher. “These mentors have really become the standout volunteers of the school. They have volunteered at 41 community service events over the past year.”

Tea Sedlareik, a junior, made goody bags for the two freshman she took under her wing – Yaniela Arias and Sydney Arnaboldi.

“They are just pens and pencils and stuff,” Sedlareik said. “I just wanted to give them something to welcome them.”


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