Time to Polish Off the Crystal Ball and See What’s Coming 2021

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Well, the old crystal ball has certainly been tarnished. This time last year it was impossible to envision the upheaval and pain that was in store for so many of us.

There was too much loss – businesses, jobs, time spent apart from colleagues, friends and family, along with saying tragic goodbyes to too many people we knew.

The turning of the calendar can’t undo the train wreck that was 2020, but there must always be hope for a better tomorrow, and in this case, a better 2021.

In keeping with the nearly annual Examiner tradition, we look to the year ahead and hope that a few of these wishes come true – with no cataclysmic surprises to blindside us again.

For Congress to recognize that without helping the state and local governments there is no real economic recovery.

The need for reliance on food banks and pantries diminishes to far less than even pre-COVID-19 levels.

That the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed equitably and without favor.

For enough people to actually take the vaccine when they get the chance.

An appreciation for scientists to be at least as revered for their accomplishments as celebrities are for theirs.

It may be a bigger reach than ever, but for downtowns everywhere to start attracting the tenants, businesses and shoppers needed to sustain healthy business districts.

The hope that no one loses their life because of the color of their skin.

For Horace Greeley High School and Chappaqua school officials to continue working earnestly toward improving the experience for students of color.

For enough people to recognize that members of the Lakeland High School student body and community have legitimate complaints about racial bias.

For the town and residents of Lake Shenorock and Lake Lincolndale to someday have a permanent sewer solution.

A way to end drunk driving, which has needlessly stolen too many lives.

That people haven’t lost their faith that elections are conducted properly in this country.

A little bit of wisdom, and perhaps most importantly, a lot of common sense from elected officials.

Nothing but success for all of the area’s youth and high school athletes – when they get a chance to play.

For all first-responders to know how much they are appreciated, and all the local volunteers who give so much time and effort to improve their communities.

And to all our readers, advertisers and supporters everywhere, a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.

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