Power Trip; Electricity Program Helping Westchester Go Green

Westchester Power, run by environmental nonprofit Sustainable Westchester, allows individuals and small business owners residing in participating municipalities throughout the county to use a locally chosen, renewable energy alternative to state-mandated utility companies Consolidated Edison (ConEd) and New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (NYSEG). 

A hydropower plant station in upstate New York (Getty)

While ConEd and NYSEG still provide the energy supplied through Westchester Power, Westchester Power negotiates the best possible rate on behalf of the participating municipalities — purchasing electricity in bulk for fixed prices. Launched in May 2016, 28 of Westchester’s 48 municipalities currently participate in the program. 

“The high rate of participation is a measure of the high priority that communities are placing on actively fighting climate change,” Maria Genovesi, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Outreach at Sustainable Westchester, said in an email to Examiner+. 

While most people in the Westchester area have…

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