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Pleasantville Business Owner Offers Luxury Items to Help Destress

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A Beneboon gift box, “Ultimate Retreat” includes a clean-burning botanical soy candle, a quartz facial roller, aroma-therapeutic slumber aura oil and a satin eye mask.

If there was ever a time to pamper yourself or a loved one, it’s now.

Following a year full of stress, panic and unease, Pleasantville-based business Beneboon offers unique, handpicked gift arrangements that provide pure indulgence. Founder and designer Maya Sheinberg said she has spent the last year putting her lifelong passion for discovering quality items to use.

“I have spent years scouring items at gift shows to find things I liked,” Sheinberg said. “There are items I’ve liked for two years but perhaps haven’t fit in with other gift box items. It’s a matter of balance, form and theme.”

Products can vary from body scrubs to rich teas and scrumptious chocolate – the hard-to-find items that are small batch, healthy, organic, reliably produce and environmentally sourced.

Sheinberg, who has lived in the area for 15 years with her two daughters, started Beneboon last year and works out of her home with her husband and sister. The decision to name her business Beneboom culls from the Latin root bene, meaning well/good, and boon, which is something helpful and beneficial, she said.

In designing arrangements and pairing items, Sheinberg said she takes great pride in creating a product that is not only visually appealing but entices our most basic senses.

The Bread & Chocolate arrangement, which consists of teas and chocolates, conjures brunch, an afternoon snack or a late-night nosh with two types of Artisanal/Gourmet Chocolates – one is isle of sky sea salt and the other earl grey tea – both made by Coco, a Scottish company.  Also included are 15 organic white tea bags with hints or apricot and elderberry, derived from Germany.

The arraignment costs $77.

With a variety of gift boxes appealing to all ages and genders, prices range from $48 to $140, with arrangements offered in two sizes. Included in gift boxes are reusable containers to encourage sustainability.

Arrangements are also offered for those as young as infants, with Sheinberg seeing a greater demand in home and pampering products in recent months.

Designed for newborns, the Bundle of Joy gift box includes a swaddle made of organic muslin, a cuddle bunny, clutch ball, art cards, a teething necklace, and a bracelet set. For mom, the Ultimate Retreat box offers a clean-burning botanical soy candle, a quartz facial roller, aroma therapeutic slumber aura oil, and a satin eye mask.

“We’ve seen those receiving gift boxes come back as customers,” Sheinberg said.

Recently, Beneboon launched a service aimed at corporate gift giving that provides tailored branding for any company, organization, or business group. She added her business will work with local printers to create branded packaging that can include a card, sticker, water bottle or a fully branded box.

The new business model means reaching out to business groups locally and globally to create new relationships.

“These new [business] relationships are something to nurture and we are willing to put that time in,” Sheinberg said. “I am so excited about growing sales and getting the word out.”

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