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Peekskill PD to Participate in Gun Buy Back Program

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Peekskill Police Chief
Peekskill Police Chief Eugene S. Tumolo

The Peekskill Police Department, in conjunction with the Westchester County Department of Public Safety, will be one of four municipalities participating in a Gun Buy Back Program.

The Common Council verbally approved Acting Police Chief Eric Johansen’s request last week to allocate $2,500 to cover the initial cost of committing to the program, which Johansen said would primarily target assault rifles and handguns.

“It’s very worthwhile,” Johansen said. “These kinds of programs can be very successful to get these weapons people don’t want to care for any more off the streets. That’s when the danger exists when they fall into the wrong hands. It’s not the kind of item you can just toss in the garbage.”

While it hasn’t been determined yet how much money will be offered for each gun, Johansen said they would be competitively priced.

“The idea is to make it enticing so people will come and turn over the weapons,” Johansen said.

Council members were very supportive of Peekskill Police being one of only two departments in northern Westchester to take part in the program. The other area police force was not revealed.

“I’m really glad it’s something we’re taking the initiative to do,” said Deputy Mayor Drew Claxton. “They have worked really well in other communities. Guns unfortunately don’t stop at the border. They come into Peekskill and they go out.”

Upon a request from Councilman Darren Rigger, Peekskill Police are also looking to establish a Tip line where a reward will be offered for information leading to illegal and unwanted weapons being confiscated.


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