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No Excuses When it Comes to Running at Club Fit Briarcliff

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photo 2Even the most avid exercise enthusiast dislikes heat and humidity. It is the one thing that can turn a miler into a couch potato. Heat and humidity are perhaps the two elements that, when combined, factor into the most skipped aerobic workouts worldwide. Rain can kill a good workout, too.

But a climate-controlled environment, like the indoor track at Club Fit in Briarcliff, eliminates every excuse possible when it comes to weather-related elements that preclude folks from getting the exercise they need.

Most local school districts have tracks on which the townsfolk can walk, but oftentimes they are forced to dodge on-coming lacrosse balls and foul balls while dealing with scores of events going on around them. The track at Briarcliff’s Club Fit location is exclusive to laps and the benefits are endless.

Besides consistent weather conditions, the surface is free of rocks and debris (some folks stroll it barefoot), and the even surfaces make for safer striding. Security is often a major issue at public tracks while at Club Fit there is no traffic or other safety issues; like the guy who brings his loveable but aggressive Rottweiler to run the track with him.

The Mondo design rubber flooring at Club Fit affords runners a slight cushion, which is less stressful on joints than pavement. Mondo rubber flooring, the official flooring of the 2012 London Olympics, attributes its products’ successes to its investments in technological research and human resources, so Club Fit cut no corners when laying this track down when it went the Mondo route.

The course is aligned with consistent running distances and progressive measurements, designed to encourage and help push the user on to the next lap. There’s and Introductory Program – Couch to 5K; an Intermediate Program – 5K to 5 Miles and so much more going on at this elevated platform. Perhaps the best part is all that surrounds the track upon your last lap.

“Where else do you get to run on an indoor track at a gym that has a pool, tennis courts, basketball and good, clean equipment,” NYC singer/saxophonist Jonny Hirsch, a club member, said. “It definitely does the job.”

Anyone interested in checking out the track and the facilities at Club Fit Briarcliff at 584 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor should call 914.762.3444 to speak with membership services, or hit them up at

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