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New Year’s Resolutions from Local Leaders

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George Latimer (Westchester County Executive)

County: “My New Year’s Resolution for Westchester County Government is to continue the hard work our Administration is putting in to get our finances back on the path toward fiscal solvency. It was our biggest goal heading in to office and I am motivated and committed to continue our progress.”

Personal: “So far, I haven’t done a good job on these annual resolutions – but with a New Year comes a new hope – my personal New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight and learn more Spanish. Both take determination and dedication, two traits that are important to cultivate.”

Victoria Gearity (Village of Ossining Mayor)

In 2019 the Village of Ossining is resolved to focus on economic development and an update to our Comprehensive Plan, which is the roadmap for the future of our village. The people of Ossining showed up to vote in record numbers for an off-year election. They spoke loudly and clearly in every election district that they want a village government guided by an engaged community and informed by experts.

My personal resolution is to keep screens turned off during family time.

Ilan Gilbert (Yorktown Supervisor)

My New Year’s resolution for the town is to continue to try to change the tone of government. The Federal Government is viewed as dysfunctional and out of touch with its citizen’s needs.

For the past few years our local government has followed suit and I will continue to strive to follow the words of John F. Kennedy, when he said, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer….”

My personal resolution mirrors the town’s resolution is to treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

 Eric DiBartolo (Yorktown Chamber of Commerce President)

Having had a great experience as President of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce for the past four years, I feel qualified to announce its resolution for 2019. That is: to be stronger than ever in nurturing and promoting Yorktown’s business community. Toward that objective, we will be continuing our strong agenda of activities and services to our members and stand ready to support their objectives at any time. Whenever we can be of service, we’re just a phone call away. Take advantage of our programs to make 2019 the best year yet for all of our members!

Dana Levenberg (Town of Ossining Supervisor)

I have a long to do list!  But it all focuses on making sure we continue to develop as healthy a community as we can, which includes focusing on our public spaces and making sure they are safe and inviting, looking at ways to be more efficient so we can work to reduce expenses and make dealing with government easier, and finding ways to make the Town of Ossining keep up with the changing demands on suburbs,  which includes walkability, bikeability, and sustainability.

Personally, I am going to be focusing on communicating all of that to our public in hopes they will support me for reelection in November. And, I am hoping to remain off of sugar for another year since it keeps me fitting into my clothes, and to keep up with my die-hard work-out routine in the early mornings. Of course, I will also do whatever is needed to support my family and make sure they achieve their personal goals, which includes growing my husband’s still somewhat newly established franchise, Green Home Solutions.

Deb Milone (Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce President)

The Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber’s resolution for 2019 is to continue to grow and strengthen our membership while doing the same for our local economy through economic development initiatives like Art, Industry Media aka AIM.

My resolution is to continue to balance life and career and taking more time to “smell the roses”!

Linda Puglisi (Cortlandt Supervisor)

  • Priority: To continue our excellent financial record; low town taxes and low town debt.
  • Continue planning for the closure of Indian Point’s two nuclear plants and meeting the challenges.
  • Otocast: Veterans Memorials will be next on this town app (historical and recreational areas are on now.)
  • Public Art project—seeking grants.
  • Earth Day Project: Youth cleanup with schools and our annual hike are being planned.
  • Next phase of sidewalks in the hamlets of Montrose and in other areas.
  • A new bathhouse/snack bar at Town Pool to be completed in 2020, plans in 2019.
  • All billboards to be removed.
  • A restaurant at former trailer park site on Hudson River is an economic plan for that area.
  • Plans for the Quarry on town property in the Verplanck area of town.
  • “Cortlandt Pitch” plans—indoor soccer (by private developer).
  • Abee Rose—town purchased property off Maple Avenue, passive recreation (i.e. hiking).
  • A Town Parade—establish a committee.
  • Hire a full-time Economic Coordinator.
  • A new event—a “Winter Wonderland” with ice skating near our Youth Center in December.
  • Bikes/Walking/Jogging Trail plans (by the Supervisor and Councilwoman Deb Costello).
  • “Cortlandt Crossing” complete and a new business in old ShopRite.
  • Historical Council—lectures, including a tour of historical houses.
  • Always work with our veterans and our Veteran’s Committee chaired by Willy Nazario.
  • Continue Summer Concerts/Movies and Cortlandt Family Fun Day and all other special events (no charge to residents).
  • Complete mini-golf by town pool.
  • Continue our excellent youth and senior programs.
  • Sewer plans for various areas of the Town of Cortlandt. Do town-wide paving, drainage work, etc.
  • MOD plans by hospital—came from Master Plan for assisted living and economic opportunities.
  • Continue our efforts on solar and sustainability with Councilman Jim Creighton.
  • Support the Cortlandt Community Rowing Association (CCRA) with Councilman Frank Farrell.
  • H.O.P. heating plan with Councilman Richard Becker.
  • And many others.

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