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New Armonk Training Facility Benefits Everyone, Not Just Serious Athletes

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The team at D1 Training will make sure anyone of almost any age can achieve their fitness goals.

While many gyms and health and fitness centers take your money and aren’t particularly concerned with whether you reach your goals, Kyle Stover and Jennifer Lung are providing a different model.

The two physical therapists have just opened a franchise of D1 Training in Armonk in a space adjacent to COR Sports Physical Therapy on Business Park Drive that they’ve operated for the past dozen years or so.

D1 Training, a program that was developed by former NFL player Will Bartholomew after he suffered a career-ending injury, features highly focused 54-minute workout sessions that are tailored to your age and goal, including sport-specific training. Despite its name and the tenets of the program that are widely used by Division I collegiate sports programs, it would be beneficial for almost anyone, whether a professional athlete or someone who simply wants improved overall fitness and health or to fit better into a wedding dress or suit months into the future, Stover said.

“It’s not an open gym, it’s not Equinox, you’re not just going to do your own thing,” said Stover, who has worked with an assortment of college and professional athletes. “You’re not going to LA Fitness and just throwing some weights around. You come to us (and) everything is very planned out. Every workout is 54 minutes, it’s right down to the minute everything you’re going to do.”

The D1 Training program has five distinct steps: the dynamic warm-up, performance, strength, conditioning, then transitioning into cool down, stretching and recovery, he said. Those elements are included in each workout session.

People can choose from individualized or group training or even a hybrid of two sessions of each type per week. For those who choose group training, with classes of up to about 20 participants being the optimum size, the patron is paired with his or her peer group of roughly the same age, Stover said.

The new D1 Training space in Armonk.

“It’s not just for kids,” Stover said, dispelling the notion the program is primarily for youngsters or very active younger adults. “Our new big thing around here is pickleball. The amount of people coming in and just getting active for the first time in years, (that’s) great, let’s get you active, let’s get you feeling good.”

The priority, whether you are a serious athlete returning from injury or doing their best to prevent injuries or an older person looking to become active again, is health, Lung said.

“It’s just making sure that you stay healthy,” she said. “You don’t have to be in here to do this, it’s just like anyone who wants to stay healthy, start to learn to exercise and anything like that.”

The program can also cater to members of high school sports teams that might want to train together, Stover said.

Best of all, unlike some facilities that will take your payments and don’t care whether you ever show up, if you’re not seen, D1 Training will follow up and contact you if you haven’t been seen in a week, Lung said.

The program recommends at least two visits a week, with the possibility of as many as six sessions.

One advantage for patrons recovering from injury, the space could be a one-stop shop to bounce back from an ailment at COR Sports Physical Therapy, and then to maintain and enhance strength and mobility once that regimen is completed.

“The two are very symbiotic,” Stover said. “Once the PT done, we want to keep you going because you got hurt at one level; just because you finished PT doesn’t mean you’re back to that level, if not better. You got hurt for a reason, so it kind of gets you through that. Then once we get you through that and progress from the physical therapy part, let’s get you that full return-to-play training, return to life.”

D1 Training is located at 130 Business Park Drive in Armonk. Sessions are held weekdays from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday mornings. For more information, call 914-829-3260 or visit



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