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McConville Sworn In as Putnam County Sheriff on New Year’s Eve

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Kevin McConville was officially sworn in as the new Putnam County Sheriff Friday in front of Carmel’s historic courthouse where about 70 people gathered.

Newly sworn-in Putnam County Sheriff Kevin McConville posed with his two grandchildren, Bennet and Reagan, after being sworn-in Friday on the steps of the historic courthouse in Carmel.

Swearing in McConville was Putnam County Clerk Michael Bartolotti, who initially addressed the crowd. “It is a great day for all of us to gather here to usher in new leadership in the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department so that they can keep us all safe,” he said.

After the swearing-in ceremony, McConville thanked his wife, Janice. “She is my rock and my foundation,” he said, while also acknowledging his children and grandchildren who were present. Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell was also thanked by McConville for her support during his campaign.

“It’s always a privilege to swear in a new official on these steps of the historic Carmel courthouse,” said Odell. “And we are here today to swear in Kevin McConville as Putnam County Sheriff.”

Odell went on to quote the late Senator Bob Dole for inspiring her and claiming Dole was integral in shaping the country. Among the many Dole quotes she shared was: “Always plan not just to win, but to win big. Yes, you may try and fail. But you will not fail to try.”

Among those in attendance were six officers from the Sheriff’s office and Putnam County Legislators Paul Jonke, Toni Addonizio, Ginny Nacerino, and Amy Sayegh. Also at the swearing-in were Putnam District Attorney Bob Tendy and Tony Scannapieco, Republican Commissioner of the Putnam County Board of Elections.

Pat Madigan, Republican chair for the Town of Kent, remarked, “McConville won with such overwhelming support. It shows that Putnam County is looking for new leadership at the Sheriff’s Department.”

This was McConville’s third time running for Sherriff on the Republican/Conservative line. He faced Democrat incumbent Sheriff Robert Langley. McConville won with 12,222 votes to Langley’s 9,074 votes. McConville introduced his new command staff, which included Thomas Lindert, James Schepperly, Kevin Junjulas, Michael Knox, Captain Grossi and James Greenough.

McConville addressed the six Putnam Sheriff Department officers who attended the ceremony. “To the good people in the Sherriff’s Department, we will learn from you on how to keep each and every person of Putnam County safe.”

In his final statement to those gathered around the courthouse steps, McConville remarked, “You have no better friend than the Putnam County Sheriff’s office. We will be front and center. On Saturday, January 1, we will begin a better future for law enforcement here in Putnam County. We will hit the ground running.”

McConville said that he and his new team has an agenda. “You will see strong professionalism in the Sheriff’s department as we get up to speed. As the new Putnam County Sheriff, I will ensure all of you a fair and balanced application of the law.”

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