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Maloney Tells Supporters Re-election Bid is Close Race

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney spoke to supporters at a rally Sunday afternoon in Garrison where he agreed that he’s in a close battle for re-election in his race with Republican Mike Lawler.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-Cold Spring) acknowledged on Sunday that his congressional seat against Assemblyman Mike Lawler is hanging in the balance as his re-election bid enters its final two weeks.

The five-term legislator, speaking at a campaign rally in Garrison that focused on environmental initiatives and reproductive freedoms, said despite picking up most of the northern half of Westchester in the new 17th Congressional District, many of his new would-be constituents might assume that Westchester’s lopsided Democratic registration advantage will ensure they continue to be represented by a Democrat and might not be as motivated to vote.

Much of the territory in the new 17th District in Westchester had been represented by Nita Lowey for more than 30 years and Rep. Mondaire Jones for the past two years.

“This election is close,” Maloney said. “In this new district, Putnam County is in, and White Plains is out, and for those of you who live in this part of the world, you understand what a competitive race is, but a lot of folks in this new district aren’t. They’re used to having an easy time in November. So we are working really hard to get everybody out and focused on this. One of you can make the difference between 50 and 50.1 (percent of the vote).”

Furthermore, Maloney said that another $4 million was recently dumped into the race to help finance Lawler’s campaign by the “big, dark MAGA money guys.” That is the second large infusion of cash to help his opponent. Earlier in the campaign, $3 million was infused into the Lawler camp, he said.

Maloney sounded the alarm of what America could look like if the Republicans win the House and Senate and in two years follow that up by recapturing the presidency. He warned that there could be legislation for a national abortion ban and the dismantling of hard-fought liberties that have been achieved, including for the LGBTQ community.

“I do think in the last two weeks before a national election, we should be crystal clear in the dramatic differences between the vision for America that we have, where we all fit and we all count and families like mine will be able to stay together and have our rights, where women will make difficult decisions for themselves with their families, their doctors, not a bunch of politicians,” Maloney said.

In his own appearances, like most Republicans in the current election cycle, Lawler has hammered Maloney on inflation and the rising crime rate in areas of the country. In his latest campaign video released on Monday afternoon, the challenger said that the Democrats, including Maloney, have made inflation far worse for Americans through failed policy decisions such as limiting natural gas and closing down nuclear power plants.

“The people who are in control of Congress, like my opponent Sean Maloney, did this to us,” Lawler said. “They never met an energy source they didn’t like and now we’re paying for it. Election Day is on Tuesday, Nov. 8. The only way to fix this mess is to vote the very people who created it out of office.”

Maloney supporters at the rally said the nation is once again faced with another crucial election. Garrison resident Dana Bourland said unless there are officials who take environmental issues seriously, future generations in peril.

“What is at stake is the future of our community, and ultimately, the future of our planet,” Bourland said. “We must vote, we must hold those we elect accountable and we must encourage everyone around us to do the same.”

The first of nine days of early voting begins this Saturday, Oct. 29, and extends through Sunday, Nov. 6.

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