Mahopac Resident Coaxed to Emerge From House After Mental Breakdown

Members of several Putnam County law enforcement agencies successfully convinced a Mahopac resident to emerge from their house Friday afternoon after police were alerted that a person was experiencing a mental breakdown.

Carmel police were called at 10:51 a.m. to an address on Union Valley Road in hopes of speaking with the individual who is known to have a history of mental health issues.

The street was blocked off and cars had to turn around and head back up Union Valley Road, police said.

For several hours Carmel police officers attempted to make phone contact with the individual but with no results. Police said professional negotiators managed to talk to the troubled person for about three hours. They were able to convince the resident to peaceably leave the premises.

The subject was taken to Putnam Hospital Center for a mental health evaluation. Because the incident involved a mental health crisis the police could not release the subject’s name or address.

Also at the scene was the Putnam County Emergency Response Team and the Hostage Negotiation Team, which includes members of the Carmel Police Department and the Putnam County Sheriff’s office. The Kent Police Department was also called along with an ambulance from the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department.


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