Local School Districts to Receive Increased State Aid

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Local school districts all received a boost in funding in the newly enacted New York State budget.

In the $26.7 billion state aid package, districts in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties experienced increases ranging from 1.9% to 9%.

In the category labeled formula-based aid, Lakeland, the largest local district, had a 5.18% increase from last year, netting $42.97 million. In addition, Lakeland’s so-called foundation aid jumped 1.9% to $24.32 million.

Hendrick Hudson’s formula aid increased 5.57% to $6.46 million and its foundation aid went up 3.9% to $3.8 million. Hendrick Hudson will also get a piece of the $24 million set aside in the budget for entities that will be affected by the closing of the Indian Point nuclear power plants.

Yorktown’s formula aid increased 5% to $16.7 million and its foundation aid rose 1.9% to more than $9 million. Croton-Harmon had a 6.14% jump in formula aid to $5.95 million and a 4.5% increase in foundation aid to $2.27 million.

Two districts that publicly lobbied for additional state funding, Ossining and Peekskill, saw their efforts pay off. Ossining’s formula aid rose 4.55% to $22.97 million and its foundation aid rose 8% to $11.9 million, while Peekskill’s formula aid increased 3.8% to $43 million and its foundation aid jumped 3.87% to $30.3 million.

Somers received the smallest increase in formula aid, rising only 0.87% to $10 million, while its foundation aid increased 2.78% to $4.7 million.


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