Local School Budgets, Propositions Approved Easily

Budgets and propositions in six local school districts were approved easily Tuesday.


In the Lakeland School District, voters passed a $174.8 million budget, which includes enhanced security features and funding for school resource officers, by a margin of 698-189. A $1.5 million proposition for the purchase of six large buses, four 30-passenger buses, six 20-passenger buses, two wheelchair-able vans and other vehicles passed 701-184.

Property owners in Yorktown (-0.3%), Carmel (-1.5%) and Philipstown (-1.7%) are estimated to receive tax decreases, while residents in Cortlandt (1.5%), Somers (2.2%) and Putnam Valley (2.7%) are estimated to see slight tax hikes.

The Board of Education will have two new members as longtime trustees Steve Korn and Steve Rosen opted not to run for reelection. The leading vote-getter in the uncontested race for three seats was Becky Burfeind with 747 votes, followed closely by Trustee Robert Mayes with 745 votes. Adam Kaufman secured the third spot with 720 votes.


In the Yorktown School District, residents approved a $98.1 million budget by a count of 603-139. The budget calls for a 0.67% tax increase ($6.54) for town residents, 2.42% increase ($33) in Cortlandt and a 0.85% (-$1.04) decrease in New Castle. A capital bond proposition was also approved 626-112.

The Board of Education in Yorktown will remain the same as incumbents Reshmi Bose, Cheryl Reynolds and Lisa Rolle were reelected as they faced no opponents.


In the Somers School District, voters weighed-in on a $93.6 million budget with a districtwide 2.65% tax increase by approving it 829-280. A $7.56 million safety and security bond passed 763-339.

Three seats were up for grabs on the Board of Education. Vice President Joseph Marra was reelected with 929 votes, as was Trustee Ifay Chang with 903 votes. Chadwick Olsen received 919 votes and will replace board President Donna Rosenblum, who did not seek a new term.


In the Peekskill School District, the proposed $96.69 million spending plan, carrying a 2% districtwide tax increase, was approved 351-94.

Three incumbents ran unopposed on the Board of Election for new three-year terms: President Michael Simpkins (361 votes), Vice President Maria Pereira (365) and Trustee Jillian Villon (322).


A $134 million budget in the Ossining School District was approved 1,125-336.

The Ossining Board of Education will have two members this summer as incumbents Lisa Murray (president) and Bill Kress did not seek reelection. They will be replaced by Melissa Banta and Aaron Spring, both of whom ran unsuccessfully in 2018 and were unopposed this year.


A $48.5 million budget in the Croton-Harmon School District was approved 415-69. Estimated tax increases are 2.54% for Cortlandt residents and 0.74% for Yorktown residents. A proposition on the ballot not to exceed $295,000 for the purchase of one 66-passenger bus, two eight-passenger caravans and one facilities truck also was approved.

In the uncontested Board of Education race, President Iris Bugliosi (425 votes) and Trustee Joshua Diamond (401) were reelected.