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Lawmakers Demand Answers for Unexplained Energy Hikes

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Recent spikes in the cost of energy for residents in parts of Somers and Putnam County have prompted state Senator Terrence Murphy (R/Yorktown) and state Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R/Mahopac) seeking answers from New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG).

 In a letter to NYSEG, Murphy and Byrne asked for an explanation about the increased rates between the months of December and January, if a payment plan is available to residents and what communication plan does NYSEG have to warn consumers of rising costs.


“Hudson Valley ratepayers are strapped with some of the highest energy costs in the nation. They deserve an explanation and some transparency about why their bills doubled, tripled or quadrupled in just one month,” Murphy said. “If this is an issue requiring state action we will surely take action.”

“It’s crazy that some of our neighbors recently learned that their utility bills have skyrocketed by as much as 400%,” Byrne said. “For some people, it could mean the difference between affording food and expensive medications or heating their homes. I will continue to work with our partners in government for greater accountability and transparency.”

Rosalie Meli Cicogna, a resident of Heritage Hills in Somers, said she was shocked when she received her enormous bill, especially because she has made her home energy-efficient.

“This is an egregious breach of confidence between NYSEG and its customers,” Cicogna said. “We’re led to believe that being energy-conscious will be rewarded. I’ve gone to great lengths to make my home efficient, only to be punished with a sky-high bill. Thank goodness Senator Murphy and Assemblyman Byrne are once again stand up for us.”

Kevin Ortiz, a spokesman for NYSEG, explained the reasons for increases this winter and noted Murphy’s office was supplied information from the utility prior to the letter that was written by Murphy and Byrne.

“NYSEG customers saw an increase in their electric bills due to ongoing low temperatures in December and January that may have increased usage, and increases in the market supply price of electricity,” Ortiz stated. “That being said, customer bills are comprised of two components: supply and delivery. The supply portion of a customer’s bill is provided by NYSEG or another energy services company chosen by the customer. If a customer’s supply is provided by NYSEG, the company procures supply from the market and the market determines the supply price which will vary.”

“This winter, supply and demand have caused the wholesale price of electricity to increase significantly,” he continued. “These prices are passed on to customers without markup and NYSEG does not profit from supply charges. Delivery charges cover the costs to distribute electricity from its original source to a customer’s home or business. There have been no changes in NYSEG delivery charges. NYSEG also offers assistance to customers with managing energy bills. That information is right on our homepage at”


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