Greenburgh Town Board Approves Budget with Small Tax Decrease

The Greenburgh Town Board unanimously approved a 2021 budget last week that includes a small tax decrease.

For a resident who lives in the villages with an assessment of $500,000 the town portion of the tax bill will be $226.31, compared to $229.55 this year. For residents of unincorporated Greenburgh, the tax bill will be $3,060.92, compared to $3,096.77 this year.

“With so many people unemployed and facing difficult financial times, I thought that keeping the taxes flat would be more important this year,” said Supervisor Paul Feiner.

Prior to approving the budget, the Town Board held two public hearings on Feiner’s proposed budget. The board also met with department heads and made some adjustments to the budget. 

Greenburgh has two operating budgets.

One of the budgets is for both the unincorporated section of the town and the villages. The second budget is for only unincorporated Greenburgh residents. The total amount of the budget that impacts the villages is $32,880,641. The total amount of the budget impacting only unincorporated Greenburgh is $87,123,514.

Feiner explained residents of unincorporated Greenburgh receive numerous services from the town: parks and recreation, police, sanitation, highway (snow removal), road repaving, building permits, planning, and zoning.

“That’s why the town portion of the taxes are higher for residents of unincorporated than the villages,” Feiner stated. “Village residents have their own village governments and have to pay for most municipal services through their village taxes.”

For residents that live in a village within the town, less than 3% of their total tax bill goes to the town.

The town provides ALS and paramedic services to the villages. There is also a town wide senior program that serves or delivers more than 30,000 meals to village seniors each year, and a nutrition site in Dobbs Ferry, Tarrytown and unincorporated Greenburgh.


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