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Four White Plains Students in Hot Water After Bathroom Fight

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Four students at White Plains High School are facing disciplinary charges after a fight that broke out in the school bathroom last Wednesday. 

In a video, which was circulated widely on social media, one student can be seen kneeling in front of a group of three others before getting slapped, kicked and punched multiple times while on the floor.

A still from the video of a fight, which broke out in the bathroom at White Plains High School last Wednesday.
A still from the video of a fight, which broke out in the bathroom at White Plains High School last Wednesday. 

Dr. Joseph Ricca, White Plains City School District (WPCSD) Superintendent of Schools, said he learned of the incident shortly after it occurred Feb. 16. The White Plains Police Department was immediately notified, Dr. Ricca said, and started investigating the fight. 

According to Dr. Ricca, all students involved, including the victim, are facing both criminal charges and district disciplinary charges, pending the results of the investigation. 

The identities of the students have not been released because all are minors. 

Dr. Ricca said the WPCSD prides itself on being a welcoming, engaging and safe environment for all students and faculty, and last week’s events did not reflect those values.

“Violent and/or dangerous behavior will never be tolerated, and the students who are depicted in this video will face consequences that will ultimately impact the remainder of their high school experience,” Dr. Ricca said. “There will never be a place for such behavior in our community, and any student who willingly engages in such behavior will face appropriately severe consequences.”

Dr. Ricca expressed how disgusted and hurt White Plains students, faculty and parents are following this event but stressed that the incident does not define the WPCSD community.

“We will not allow a few who choose to act inappropriately to cast a negative shadow on our amazing student body and fantastic educational community,” Dr. Ricca said.

The White Plains Police Department denied a request for comment. 

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