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Feiner Proposes 2023 Budget with No Tax Hike for Fourth Straight Year

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Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner unveiled a proposed 2023 budget that calls for no town tax increase for the fourth consecutive year.

“With inflation so high, the price of food, gas, rent and all the essentials of life have increased dramatically, and I believe it’s important that we in town government use whatever means are at our disposal to reduce the anxiety and stress levels which so many people are experiencing,” Feiner stated. “I think this budget accomplishes that goal.”

With the $113 million budget “far more complex than in prior years,” according to Feiner, who has been in office since 1992, he is proposing to add a Director of Finance to the town’s workforce “to ensure fiscal security.”

“Fiscal stability is a hallmark of the Town of Greenburgh, thanks to our informed and supportive citizens, the strength of our departmental managers and personnel, and the diverse and long-time experience of our Town Board,” Feiner stated. “We believe working together; we will continue to be fine.”

Feiner said the Greenburgh Police Department was seeking to hire four additional Emergency Medical Technicians to enhance the emergency medical service system since its experiencing an uptick in annual call volume that has created an increase on the demand for resources within the unincorporated town.

“Hiring four additional EMT’s will help reduce that demand, facilitating better response times and improved availability to answer emergency EMS calls,” Feiner stated. “This will also enhance mutual aid resources and help prevent delays in patient care. The accompanying increase in the number of patient transports should result in an increase in revenue recovery from billing insurance companies which will somewhat defray the cost of staffing.”

Feiner said he would be encouraging more sharing of services.

Discussions regarding consolidations of functions although summarily rejected by interest groups, must be considered, and explored and “any and all” options identified for increasing revenues and decreasing costs, without impacting the provision of service,” he stated.

Only approximately 15% of a property owner’s tax bill is controlled by the town.

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