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Diana’s Widow to Run for Vacant Seat on Yorktown Town Board

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The widow of former Yorktown Supervisor Thomas Diana is hoping to keep his legacy alive by running to fill a vacancy on the town board in a special election in July.

Donna Diana, 60, will appear on the Republican and Conservative lines for the empty seat that was created when Ed Lachterman was elected supervisor last month in a special election. Lachterman succeeded Thomas Diana, who died unexpectedly Jan. 5 at the age of 66, just a few days after being sworn-in for his first full two-year term.

“I need a purpose,” Donna Diana said Monday. “I want to keep myself busy and keep his legacy alive. I think I can be an asset, a different mindset. I’m never going to be Tom Diana. I’m going to be like Tom Diana.”

The town board decided at its May 14 meeting to hold a special election July 23 instead of waiting until the presidential election in November. The vacant seat has three-and-a-half years remaining on its four-year term.

“These local elections are where the rubber meets the road,” Councilman Sergio Esposito said. “I don’t think the smaller elections will be heard (in November). It will be drowned out by all this Biden Trump nonsense.”

“A special election is a way that our town prefers and it’s an important part of the democratic process,” Lachterman said.

Donna Diana co-owned a home heating business with her husband for 20 years until they decided to sell it after Tom was elected supervisor. He was appointed supervisor on Jan. 1, 2023, after Matt Slater was elected to the Assembly. He was first elected as a town councilman in 2015 and was re-elected in 2019.

While she has never held or run for any political office, Donna Diana said as the wife of a politician she is well versed on the issues in Yorktown.

“For nine years, if anyone doesn’t think the Town of Yorktown didn’t come up at the kitchen table…” she said. “Tom loved this community. It’s been my home for 30 years. I actually thrived on it like he did. Tom was always approachable and that’s the avenue I want to go down.”

She also stressed, if elected, she would not just fall in line with the other four Republicans currently on the board.

“Am I going to be anyone’s rubberstamp? No. I have my own mind and my own thoughts,” she said. “I want to be open minded.”

As for who Donna Diana may face in the special election, Jann Mirchandani, who ran unsuccessfully twice for supervisor on the Democratic line in a span of six months, said she would not be running for the seat.

However, former Supervisor and Councilwoman Susan Siegel, who attends all town meetings and is vocal on many issues, said she has expressed interest to Democratic leaders on being a candidate.

“I believe my experience as supervisor, councilwoman and longtime community advocate can bring a much-needed fresh approach to town government including more transparency and accountability,” she stated.



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