Letter to the Editor: Democrats for New Castle Slate Have Progressive Vision for the Town

As a resident of the West End of the Town of New Castle, I don’t feel much attachment to the town where I nominally live. My son, as all children in the West End, went to Ossining schools where he received a great education, but no sense of affiliation with New Castle.

My postal address is Ossining. When asked where I live, my automatic answer is also Ossining, not New Castle.

I don’t have much reason to ever visit the site of our local government, the hamlet of Chappaqua (except to pick up a dog license.) When going shopping, I usually patronize stores in Ossining and Briarcliff Manor. Dining out means passing right by Chappaqua on the way to enjoy the variety of restaurants in Mount Kisco.

The source of my disconnect is not so much the allure of other towns, but the lack of attractive amenities in New Castle itself. Recently, however, I have reason to hope for a change – a basis for bonding with my town.

That hope is embodied in the program of the Democrats for New Castle, the slate of candidates for town offices: Holly McCall for town supervisor, Lori Morton for re-election to the Town Board and Michael Weinberg and Jennifer Bounds for Town Board. Their platform calls for new recreational facilities, expanded arts and cultural amenities and safer walkability. It’s a progressive vision that would lead to a more dynamic community that would attract residents and visitors to our hamlets, local businesses and institutions.

I am excited about the current rezoning proposal – the Form Based Code – supported by Democrats for New Castle. It has the potential to create a new vibrancy for our town. It would foster venues to shop, dine and entertain without damaging our town’s bucolic atmosphere. Its call for innovative housing options would create more customers for current businesses and new startups while making our town more inclusive. It would give me as a West Ender, a real sense that New Castle is my hometown.

Dems for New Castle have clearly demonstrated their concern to integrate the often-forgotten West End into the town identity. Indeed, one of their candidates, Mike Weinberg, lives in Millwood and is a member of the Millwood-West End Advisory Board.

As a resident of the West End and the Town of New Castle. I urge all Democrats to come out and vote for this slate in the upcoming Democratic primary on June 22 and then again in the November general election.

Sidney Finehirsh

The West End

Town of New Castle