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Congestion Pricing is a Tax on Hard-Working Hudson Valley Commuters

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As our state begins its economic recovery post-pandemic, lawmakers should be hyper-focused on solutions that focus on growth. Right? For common-sense Hudson Valley residents, this is an easy answer. Unfortunately, those in power are failing at this simple concept.

The MTA just unveiled its congestion pricing plan a couple of weeks ago. It’s a really nice name for a tax on hard-working suburban commuters. Out-of-touch bureaucrats – empowered by Albany politicians – are planning a $23 tax on vehicles that enter Manhattan. Yes, you read that right: $23 dollars just to drive into the city!

For our region, driving to New York City is vital. Hudson Valley residents drive to the city for work, school, commerce and more. On top of that, we are already dealing with surging, record-high inflation, pain at the gas pumps and an economy in shambles. Yet this is the plan from the Albany-empowered bureaucrats: A callous commuter tax on YOU.

What’s the alternative? We see on the news how unsafe public transit is. With rising costs of everything and public safety completely eroded, Albany politicians have made driving a car unaffordable and riding public transportation unsafe. What choice are New Yorkers left with?

What’s most shameful is Sen. Peter Harckham voted for this plan – right in lockstep with his radical New York City colleagues. He promised to go to Albany to “represent” our values, yet he voted for a tax that directly targets the Hudson Valley. That doesn’t seem very “representative” to me.

But I am not giving up on you. I am running for state Senate to stand up for the values and livelihoods of the families of the Hudson Valley. We will reject this commuter tax and promote policies that combats inflation and improves affordability.

I am circulating a petition to have our voices heard. Please visit www.ginaarenaforsenate.com to sign our petition to reject the congestion pricing tax. Let’s tell Peter Harckham and the political ruling class that we are fed up with their out-of-touch policies.

Gina Arena
Gina Arena is the Republican candidate this November in the 40th state Senate District.


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