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Community Pledges Over $53,000 to Help Stricken Yorktown Officer

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In a true display of community spirit during the holiday season, more than $53,000 has been pledged so far to help a Yorktown police officer deal with extensive medical bills.

Since a GoFundMe account was created by Anthony James about six weeks ago, 391 well-wishers have reached into their pockets for five-year Yorktown Police Officer Lauren Raczynsky, donating $53,351.

“I have had the pleasure and good fortune of knowing Lauren and her parents for many years. They are exceptional human beings who deserve our support in their time of need,” Anthony Enea, who donated $1,000, posted on the fundraising site.

Raczynsky, known for being community-oriented and personable, worked as a domestic violence investigator in Yorktown. Married in 2012, she struggled for a few years with infertility and then was scheduled to have a hysterectomy. During that surgery, doctors discovered Raczynsky had Adenomyosis, cysts and widespread endometriosis. A second surgery was required to remove her appendix and perform emergency ileostomy.

Following those surgeries, Raczynsky was still having pains and developed some neurological issues. She was later diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis, which spread throughout her pelvis, and after multiple testing, was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia. She now takes injections three times a week to try and keep the Multiple Sclerosis, which affects the central nervous system, from progressing.

The majority of Raczynsky’s endometriosis was removed from her body in a subsequent surgery, but a large portion of her colon had to be removed. Another surgery is anticipated in the near future.

This year, Raczyznsky and her husband have spent more than $20,000 out of pocket for medical expenses and she will be unable to return to work as a police officer. Ineligible for a pension, her next option will be applying for disability services.

According to the site, Raczynsky has a strong faith in God and “believe He has a plan.” Her hope for the new year is to “live her life to the fullest, stay as healthy as possible, and be thankful for each day.”

Donations can still be made for Raczynsky on the GoFundMe site at



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