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Business Profile: Dr. Albert Rosen, Ophthalmologist, Thornwood

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Dr. Albert Rosen
Dr. Albert Rosen

Dr. Albert Rosen doesn’t pretend that he can address an infection or spot a condition any better than other experienced, professional ophthalmologists with a quarter century of experience.

Sure, his Thornwood office is complete with all the latest technology to help Rosen identify and treat glaucoma and cataracts and other problems that patients encounter.

To distinguish himself, he focuses on convenience and comfort. Make an appointment with Rosen and there’s a very good chance you won’t have much time to read a magazine article in the office.

“Our philosophy is different. I don’t overbook the number of patients I’m seeing. I used to wear a suit and tie. I think patients like a more casual atmosphere,” Rosen said. “That’s what I do. I don’t know if it makes it better for patients but patients seem to like it.”

While it may not maximize his earning power, the booking policy, where appointments are rarely scheduled closer than a half hour apart, is out of respect for his patients’ time. Rosen also said he doesn’t like a long line of people stacked up in the waiting room.

Located in the Thornwood Town Center for the past four years after practicing on Bedford Road in Pleasantville for the better part of two decades, Rosen also benefits from having plentiful parking outside his office, which allows older patients to be driven almost directly up to the door.

Once inside, Rosen is able to provide the full range of ophthalmology services. There are the routine exams and contact lens fittings. He also conducts visual field testing and digital photography of the eyes. Furthermore, Rosen is expert at small incision cataract surgery and provides many types of laser surgery.

Despite some common belief that heavy computer use can cause eye problems, that is not usually the case, Rosen said. Rather, it can magnify minor changes that are already taking place.

“You can use your eyes for hours and hours and it won’t make much difference but if your glasses are off or your eyes are drying out you’re going to be more aware of it,” Rosen said. “I see people all the time, they sit at a computer and stare. If you look at something you don’t blink normally.”

Rosen, an Armonk resident, grew up in Philadelphia and is a graduate of the University of Delaware and Temple University Medical School. He completed his residency in 1987 at Westchester Medical Center. Then he went to work for a Pleasantville optometrist for a couple of years before opening his own practice.

He said patients usually don’t avoid the ophthalmologist like they might other doctors.

“Ophthalmology was pretty much a happy field, you know what I mean?” Rosen said. “You see more patients of all ages and basically they weren’t life threateningly sick.”

During his career, Rosen has seen a shift in the aging of the population, many more patients on various medications for diabetes and more dependency on technology for medical record keeping. For many in his profession, insurance has also become a big headache. Generally, patients maintain their eye care.

“I think they come more regularly to see me because they’re usually seeing me for something somewhat medical,” Rosen said.

While most of his time is spent in his Thornwood office, Rosen also has hours with optometrists in Mamaroneck and Mount Vernon several times a month.

For more information on his services or to find out about scheduling an appointment, visit or call 914-741-0302.

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