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Zurica Law, Bedford Hills

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Anthony Zurica, who leads his own real estate law firm, with his associate Harper Robinson, of counsel.
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Buying or selling a house is one of the important transactions in the lives of an overwhelming number of residents, but there isn’t an overabundance of real estate attorneys in Westchester.

That has helped open the door for the area’s newest residential real estate law practice, Zurica Law, in Bedford Hills.

Anthony Zurica, a Monmouth University and New York Law School graduate, opened his practice in 2007 in his native Staten Island before relocating it to Manhattan in 2013. As a Somers resident with two small children, Zurica wanted to avoid the daily commute into the city. In March, he opened an office on Adams Street, across the street from the Bedford Hills train station.

Zurica has teamed up with his associate, Harper Robinson of counsel, to provide home buyers and sellers throughout northern Westchester with representation and bringing a personal touch while making certain that every client understands their role and responsibilities.

“Whether it’s for a buyer or a seller, you go through line by line each paragraph of that document and making sure they understand this is absolutely what you need to do to effectuate a good closing, and if you don’t get me these documents, it’s going to delay the closing,” said Zurica, who works with people buying and selling as well as condominiums. “It’s just little things here and there, explaining everything to our clients in a way for them to understand.”

Despite similarities in every deal, each property’s sale and purchase has a unique set of issues. Being a small law firm, Zurica said he can work closely with his clients, fielding their calls and answering all their questions, sometimes at odd hours, to make them feel comfortable.

To have the community more familiar with his services, Zurica has spent much of the past several months networking with local business and realtor groups, is sponsoring a youth baseball team in the area and use previous contacts at his disposal. Since his wife is from Mount Kisco, Zurica is also no stranger to the area, particularly after the couple moved to the area several years ago.

“It’s just people knowing us and feeling comfortable and trusting us and giving us the business,” he said.

Zurica is assisted by Robinson, a fellow parent at the preschool that their children attended. A former corporate attorney, Robinson was looking to return to work without the difficult hours that resuming her career following a six-year hiatus to start raising her family. She was approached by Zurica to see if she would be interested in working at his office that he was planning to open.

“He reached out to me and it was just perfect timing somehow,” she said. “So this practice is new to me. I did securities law, which is different, and it’s perfect for me right now.”

Residential real estate accounts for about 90 percent of the firm’s clientele, but there is also a small but important piece to Zurica’s practice. When he isn’t closing on a sale, advising clients or preparing documents, Zurica also practices adoption law, helping clients deal with agencies or the foster care system to start a family of their own.

“A few years ago, when my first son was born, I decided at that time,” he said of his decision to add adoptions to his practice. “I was blessed to be able to have my own children but there are children out there, there are families out there that can’t have their own. I wanted to see if as a lawyer I could help these families.”

Zurica is also a Court Appointed Special Advocate, a volunteer who is appointed by a Family Court judge and supervised by Mental Health Association of Westchester staff, to advocate for children in the foster care system.

Zurica Law is located at 25-27 Adams St. in Bedford Hills. For more information, call 914-481-2896, e-mail or visit


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