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Breakthrough Solar-Powered Transportation System Unveiled in Yorktown

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Visitors at the annual Yorktown Fall Festival & Street Fair Sunday were given a preview of a breakthrough solar-powered transportation system designed to be energy efficient and eliminate congestion.

Bill James, creator of JPODS, a pioneer monorail system, offered free rides to interested parties on his ELF, a three-wheeled, passenger vehicle. The system will be officially introduced and demonstrated on November 10 in Secaucus, New Jersey, which has passed a law giving James permission to pursue the construction of a three-mile route.

“There’s a lot of little inventors who have worked really hard on this for a very long time,” said James, noting he had devoted the last 16 years to his venture. “In the next 15 years, we’ll build 500,000 miles of it. Once people realize we’ll build the physical Internet a lot of people will want to invest in it.”

James is banking on the social, historical and economic implications of JPODS in revolutionizing transportation across the country. One ELF currently costs about $6,700 because of its light weight design, lack of startup and shutdown procedures and absence of fossil fuels.

“Combatting ‘civilization killers’ like global climate change, highway fatalities and resource wars, the JPODS system will not only appeal to the public for its cost benefits, but for its ideological factors as well,” James said. “Transportation is the catalyst to bring change to energy sources, which is just a hint of how groundbreaking the JPODS system is for our global community as a whole.”

Primavera Public Relations of Yorktown was chosen by James to spread the word about JPODS, which Bill Primavera, president of the agency, said he was honored to represent since he believes it compares to the Wright Brothers’ historic 120-foot airplane experiment.

“What an incredible honor to have my company attached to history in this way,” Primavera said.

James is confident of raising the $60 million in private capital needed to be able to get the monorail system in place in Secaucus by June.

“It will start in niches, like airports,” he said. “We’re not going to get rid of the car, but if we can save families a car payment a month, that adds up pretty fast.”

Former Yorktown Councilman Tony Grasso recalled a proposal years ago to build a monorail down the Taconic State Parkway.

“It’s an excellent idea,” Grasso said of JPODS. “We’ve got the energy, so let’s use it.”


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