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Becker Leads Democratic Sweep in Cortlandt Election

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Cortlandt and Croton Democrats celebrated their victories at Table 9.

Councilman and Deputy Supervisor Dr. Richard Becker was chosen by voters last week to succeed retiring Supervisor Linda Puglisi in January.

Becker, a cardiologist who has been on the Town Board since 2007, was at the top of the Democratic slate and won handily over Republican challenger Laure Abbate Ryan, 5,965 votes to 3,925.

“I am both thrilled and honored to have won election as the next Supervisor for the Town of Cortlandt,” Becker said. “The results on November 2 confirmed that our campaign message was well-received and that voters trust us to achieve our stated goals. With 60% of the votes, many would say there is a mandate to pursue our agenda. As a physician who has served this community for over 30 years without any consideration of partisanship, I will strive to consider the needs and interests of all our residents, moving Cortlandt forward together. We will do our very best to deserve your faith and support.”

“This is a critical time for Cortlandt and it’s villages and hamlets: the closure of Indian Point and the resultant concern about job loss and revenue to our community, the retirement of Linda Puglisi, who has led our town through good times and bad, and the prolonged COVID pandemic, with its resultant isolation and discord over vaccination and masking, all have caused much angst and divisiveness,” he continued. “Finally, with so many in our community experiencing financial challenges, it is important to make all residents feel that their concerns are being addressed.”

Ryan, a retired teacher who served 12 years as a trustee on the Hendrick Hudson Board of Education, thanked her supporters.

“The results are not what I was hoping for but I am proud of my campaign and what I accomplished trying to get my message across to our community,” she stated. “I am so proud of my running mates. We offered plans, visions and solutions. I will not stop advocating for the changes and improvements I campaigned upon. God Bless because we are going to need it.”

In the Town Board race, Councilman James Creighton was reelected to a second term with 5,534 votes, while Zoning Board of Appeals member Cristin Jacoby was second with 5,412 Falling short were GOP candidates Tom Walsh (4,191) and Warren Smith (4,043).

“I am so thankful. I am truly overwhelmed by the support of our residents, employees, unions, business owners, friends and loved ones who supported my campaign and helped us reach the finish line in this marathon. Thank you to every one of you for joining us on this long road to moving Cortlandt Forward!” Creighton stated.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my campaign throughout this entire process. The results are not what I was hoping for, but I am proud of my campaign and what I accomplished trying to get my message across to our community,” Walsh stated. “I wish my opponents well and I will continue to push for the changes I want for our community.”

Another Town Board seat will have to be filled as Councilwoman Debbie Carter was elected Receiver of Taxes, defeating Peter Marengo, 5,814 to 3,988. Town Clerk Laroue Shatzkin won a second term, besting Kylie Bernard, 5,645 to 4,138 and Town Justice Kimberly Ragazzo, who made history in 2017 as the first woman elected to the town bench, also was reelected, outdistancing Robert Chapnick, 5,809 to 3,970.

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