Letter to the Editor: Apology is in Order After Baseless Claims Made Against Yorktown Officials

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There she goes again. Last week Susan Siegel kicked off the new year with a new volley of accusations and conspiracy theories against our town government (“The Truth About Yorktown Town Taxes in 2021.”) Does she ever have anything positive to say? No, she has proven to be an obstructionist and conspiracy theorist.

Her latest assault is especially shameful because it accuses our town government of using a spreadsheet that she claims is inaccurate. What she doesn’t want you to know, or what she doesn’t want to admit, is that she used the same spreadsheet when she was a Town Board member not long ago. Not exactly breaking news when all the facts are presented now is it?

Ms. Siegel owes this community, Supervisor Slater and Comptroller Caporale and the entire Town Board a public apology for her hypocritical criticism, but knowing her I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Brian Sillik
Yorktown Heights 

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