Letter to the Editor: Local Officials Also Need to Take Stand Against President’s Lawlessness

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In my 50 years of participating in demonstrations and peaceful dissent, I’ve been teargassed and sprayed with mace by “peace” officers. In 2016, I demonstrated peacefully against the new President; I was teargassed for simply gathering on the street.

I have never seen the violence and lawlessness I’m seeing encouraged by Trump. How could these thugs be treated with kid gloves? We know what would have happened if the complexion of the demonstrators were darker.

I believe that all politics is local, thus I call upon Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater and councilmembers to condemn the behaviors of this mob inspired by and encouraged by President Trump. Calls to recognize systemic racism are heightened by seeing justice being unequal.

Yorktown’s Coalition on Community Safety and Engagement has been meeting regularly, and we have heard that our police do a fine job. I wonder if the coalition meetings will be held in a vacuum, ignoring what happened in D.C. I challenge our local elected officials to take a stand against these bigoted, dangerous and violent terrorists supported by the Republican President and his local supporters.

Melvyn R. Tanzman
Mohegan Lake

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