Yorktown Supervisor’s Term Should Be Increased to Four Years

Over the past several decades some area municipalities have changed the length of term for a number of elected offices. In our own town of Yorktown, the terms of office for highway superintendent and town clerk were changed from two to four years. To me, it is common sense to do the same for the Yorktown supervisor’s position.

Now more than ever it is important to have our supervisor focus on addressing the serious issues facing the town without the distraction of campaigning and running for office every two years.    

First, it takes time to learn the job and two years is a very short window to do so. Some elected officials hit the ground running and win several terms; others take a bit longer and are not re-elected to second terms. Over the past two decades we have had six supervisors elected, and three of them served one term. I have worked with and had the opportunity to observe many of our town supervisors over the past three decades, most all of whom had no experience running an organization of hundreds of employees with budgets of tens of millions of dollars. It takes time to learn the ropes of such a large organization, time we cannot afford to waste.

It’s time to put this to the voters of Yorktown. I encourage all Yorktown residents to contact their elected officials and ask for a public referendum to be placed on the ballot this coming election cycle to consider changing the town supervisor’s term of office from two to four years.

Bob Giordano