Yorktown Still Has Much Work to Do to Address Racism in the Community

Race Amity of Northern Westchester & Putnam strongly abhors the racist statements clearly heard on the video recording made at the Yorktown Republican Party victory party. We appreciate that the Yorktown Republican Committee has condemned these comments and has taken steps to discipline the speaker. That is a good first step.

A bigger concern is that this individual apparently felt that he could shout these words at that party, with his peers, with no fear of rebuke. We have heard people say, in public meetings, that racism doesn’t exist in Yorktown. We have had people tell us that by talking about racism we are causing the problem. There have been other public instances of racism in Yorktown within the last year and in years past. Racism is not only in Yorktown, it is everywhere. Acknowledging that fact enables working toward healing.

We call on Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater to take measures to address the underlying problem. While we don’t expect any one program to wipe out the scourge of racism, we can all certainly work to make it less acceptable.

As a community organization that has been addressing racism for several years and providing local forums for friendship and discussion, we are happy to partner with the town to explore options.  

Judyth Stavans
Race Amity of Northern Westchester & Putnam Steering Committee


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