Yorktown Resident Offers Yoga Therapy to Address Health Needs

By Susan R. Eisenstein
Yorktown yoga therapist Marta Gil offers new Yoga therapy in Westchester
Yoga therapist Marta Gil has brought a different type of yoga experience to the community.

Yorktown resident Marta Gil is bringing a new kind of yoga business to northern Westchester.

While the practice of yoga is considered an ancient art, yoga therapy is a relatively new field.

“As a yoga teacher, I could offer my clients a feeling of overall well-being,” said Gil, who has launched Yoga Therapy With Marta Gil. “As a yoga therapist, I can customize the practice that addresses specific health goals and conditions based on the client’s ability, lifestyles, and available time.”

She said yoga therapy is provided in private sessions or small groups where a common condition is shared. Gil works with clients in virtual and in-person settings, teaching them how to use yoga and mindfulness techniques to manage pain, stress, anxiety, and autoimmune conditions.

Gil helps clients suffering from depression, lack of connection, insomnia, cancer, low energy, grief, weight loss, and problems with focus. Often, she works in tandem with the client’s primary care doctor, physical therapist, or other health professional.

Gil dreamed about opening her own yoga therapy practice full-time. She knew that she had the training, the knowledge, and the passion and was keenly aware that her service was needed.

But her participation in a Westchester County business accelerator program, called Launch 1000, was the catalyst to taking that entrepreneurial plunge.

“Suddenly, I found myself among hundreds of people exactly in the same place where I was, passionate about an idea, convinced that their vision has the potential of positively changing people’s lives,” said Gil, who was born in Poland and moved to the U.S. in 1999.

Participation in Launch 1000 gave her a fantastic community, resources, and the guidance of coaches. The county is offering the program in response to the significant economic disruption last year. The goal is to enable 1,000 Westchester residents to start a business or develop an income stream for themselves and their families.

Now Gil’s yoga therapy business isn’t a dream anymore.

When working with clients, she is mindful of traumas that they may be going through. Gil sets goals with them and emphasizes that she is a guide. She also wants clients to know that while yoga can be therapeutic, it is not yoga therapy. She provides clients with the knowledge and tools, and her yoga therapy classes are designed to give them the ability to improve their own health.

Gil and her husband also run a house painting company. Her daughter was born in Westchester and the family enjoys Yorktown and the friendships that they have made. They also love the hiking trails, parks, and farms.

Gil said she appreciates how Westchester takes care of its residents.

“I had the honor to teach yoga classes to senior citizens in Yorktown and Peekskill,” Gil said of what she did before the pandemic. “The classes were free for them.”

Now, she is excited for clients to know about her new yoga therapy business in Yorktown.

For more information or to schedule a yoga therapy appointment, contact Marta Gil at 914-685-6859 or visit MartaGilYoga.com or Facebook.com/martagilyoga.