Yorktown Officials’ Explanation of Garbage Disaster Was Trash

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If the Yorktown Town Board wants to get to the bottom of this garbage disaster all they need to do is to look into a mirror. They are at fault. They were warned repeatedly of Competitive Carting’s horrible track record of not paying its employees, not meeting its contractual obligations and bankruptcy.

History has repeated itself and Competitive has completely failed, having its garbage trucks repossessed and leaving Yorktown with a garbage crisis, potentially costing its taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Town Board is scrambling now but had many opportunities to correct their mistakes months ago. Seemingly, concerns about their upcoming election came first. The Town Board is now saying that they were only following the state bidding law but that’s just an excuse to avoid accountability. The law doesn’t require politicians to put blinders on and make stupid, uninformed decisions. They chose to do that on their own.

It looks like Competitive was never a responsible bidder and the Yorktown Town Board hasn’t acted responsibly either. Hopefully, this current Town Board chance of re-election winds up in the trash.

Stephen Brown

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