Yorktown is the Place for the Friends and Family Plan

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I think mentioning that some Republican Yorktown Town Board members took thousands in campaign contributions from individuals having business before Yorktown right before an election was a cheap shot. It looks terrible but a few thousand dollars spread over several councilmen won’t influence much.

In my opinion, what really influences a politician is having lifelong friends and former colleagues (someone they themselves contributed to and campaigned for) appear before them asking for something. It must be so hard to say no.

It appears in Yorktown when a politician can no longer win elections they go to work for developers and people seeking town contracts, then head straight to Town Hall. Isn’t guaranteed access the main reason to hire ex-politicians? Is who delivers the message to this Republican Town Board more important than what’s in the message?

This pied piper approach to awarding contracts and approving developments is quickly leading Yorktown off the cliff.

Stephen Brown

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