Yorktown Gun Shop Has Demonstrated Responsible Business Practices

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In his tirade “Gun shop in Yorktown gives tools to demented individuals,” letter writer Steven Feinstein calls into question the practices for a legitimate business named American Arms, and I am glad that one of the owners, Mark Perillo, set the record straight in his letter “American Arms puts safety first and only sells AR-15s to law enforcement.”

In this letter, and in stark contrast to Mr. Feinstein’s assertions, Mr. Perillo explains in a very calm and professional manner the licensing process one must go through and extensive training and licensing requirements to own a semi-automatic firearm or handgun in New York.

Mr. Feinstein’s irresponsible attacks are accusatory and lack merit. It is clearly dishonest to reference firearm ownership laws from Nashville as if to say that they are the same in New York. Mr. Perillo has articulated that they are quite different.

We need to bolster law enforcement and support them at every turn. This, coupled with sound, REQUIRED firearm safety training from companies like American Arms, will help to curb gun violence.

Anthony Grasso

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